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This collection includes samples representing the evolution of my original work over a span of three years.  Each print offers a unique world of its own, and the viewer is inspired to interpret what they are viewing .  This overview of thought-provoking prints ranges from creation fantasy that develops from the completely abstract to the more representational work, a more impressionistic approach.  This evolution  grew out of my experiments with various chemical applications combined with colorful patinas and myriad application methods,  developing the ability to control the outcome.  But I am often delighted as I’m led by the creation process as it progresses over time, being encouraged by the changes, even welcoming where something was heading, trying to expand in the expressed direction.  The intentions that began during random experimentation early on developed as additional rendering sources were discovered and applied, providing an exceptional “toolbox” to draw from.

This wall art includes titles, but their relationship to the work is frivolous, meant as a departure point of view or unrelated completely.  I would encourage you to come up with your own titles, once you have become familiar with what you are viewing.   The expressive nature of the work will lead your imagination in different directions, intended for a meditative viewing.


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