How is a print order fulfilled?

The print is applied by a UV reactive flat-bed printer on to a white 3mm PVC acid-free hardboard, making it ready to hang in a frame. It is wrapped in a protective layer of craft paper and sent in a flat box with reinforced corners.

What else do I need to hang the finished print?
A backer sheet, matte, and/or glass protective sheet are totally optional. The print can be mounted directly to the frame through a variety of methods.  We prefer a low-profile extruded aluminum frame, available in many finishes.  But how you frame the print is totally up to you.   

Can I order a custom print in a different size ?
All the prints shown are limited to a particular set of sizes that seem the most viable for that print.  You can order a different size or a larger print than 24” x 24” but some distortion may occur.  The colors and scaled patterns will remain true to the original. Contact Bay Copper Art before requesting a quote.

Can I order a product printed directly on an aluminum sheet?
Yes, for a different look, the print will “float” off the wall.  We use a rectangular gloss white .090 Aluminum sheet.  A printed border (any width) may be incorporated as part of the process or it can remain a white border or the colored print can extend to the perimeter of the sheet.  If necessary, we can suggest a hanging method.  We do not build frames.  Contact Bay Copper Art before requesting a quote.

What is the lead time for standard prints?
Please allow 1-2 weeks, not including transit times.  Ground freight is standard (expedited shipping is an option , if required.  Extra charges will apply.  For a rush order, contact Bay Copper Art before requesting a quote.  You will be provided with date of shipment and a tracking number along with an order acknowledgement.

Can I return a product for a refund?
No.  The only exception would be for freight damage.  A claim must include the order number, and a photo indicating all damage to the print and to the packaging itself.  No refunds for damage will be granted more than 5 working days after receipt of the product.  You have the option to request a new print to replace the damaged one.  Bay Copper Art will send a new print via ground at no charge.

Privacy Policy
None of your personal information will ever be given away or sold for any reason.  Your personal information will only be used to contact you, fulfill your order, or to satisfy any legal requirements.